Abuses to Constitution

To the Publisher:

Dear Mr. Alexander, after reading your piece on the first amendment, which I agree with, a glaring reality was staring me in the face.

Your whole essay discusses government actions that are grossly illegal and unconstitutional.You seam to stick to your argument, while ignoring these abuses to our Constitution, abuses that suggest to the reader the fact that the first ammendment might not even be in effect any more than the other ammendments.That being the case , then what is the point? The health care law is unconstitutional because it violates the 10th amendment.

So instead of discussing which parts of it are unfair, why not some outrage that it was passed at all and assualts our Bill of Rights? Congress has passed legislation that neutralizes every ammendment except the first. Their daly activities in Washington make a mockery of our constitution.

You don't mention that mandates are not laws and therefore have no power under law. Or that it is unlawfull for Congress to delegate their responsibility of passing laws to any other body.You mention freedoms we have come to take for granted. Most of them no longer exist, and will remain lost to us until and unless we insist that Congress follow the constitution literally. When you take something for granted, it is not noticed when it is no longer there.

The Constitution does not provide for health care and should not. I had far better health care 40 years ago than I do now BECAUSE of government intrusion at the bequest of drug and insurance companies and it will be worse, and rationed, under Obamacare.The point you make in your essay is valid but it is a wart on the elephant of Constitutional abuse. If you truly wish to protect the first ammendment, (and you can't save one unless you save them all) then you need to familiarize yourself with the document that bestows those rights we take for granted.

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