Found a hero

To the Valley News:

There I was, 4:30 p.m. in a rush, I ran around the car to get my daughter and grab the mail at the Lewis Post Office and my daughter’s door is locked. I locked her in the car, not running with my purse locked inside with my cell phone and NO SPARE KEY. Emergency? To me, Yes.

I use the phone inside and I call 911 and explain the situation in full detail to the dispatcher. They tell me they aren’t able to assist me. I stress again the urgency and that I have a 10-month-old daughter locked in a car, not running ext. and no spare key! They suggest I call a tow company that can “break into” my car and that was that.

I’m thinking, I don’t have that kind of time. It’s getting colder and she is starting to get really fussy.

I call Egglefield Ford in Elizabethtown and ask them if they could help me since the police can’t/won’t.

I speak to Pat Farrell and ask him to help. I’m desperate. He gets the vin number and says he’ll see what he can do and he’ll call me back. Meanwhile it was quite a favor since I’ve never purchased or even serviced a vehicle there, but I was desperate. So I wait, which seems like an eternity. The post office is about to close, the Sheriff’s/Troopers are right down the road and they can’t help? I was mad.

I call the dispatcher again, the same person answers and said the same thing, blah, blah, blah, maybe there’s a guy in Westport but I’m not listening anymore. Just then, Pat Farrell pulls up with a spare key and I could finally get my baby girl out of the car and comfort her.

What is the sense of having all of these police and a sheriff’s department right down the road. I live right here in Lewis and they can’t help?

Protect and serve? They did nothing.

Thank you to everyone at Egglefield Ford, especially Pat Farrell for helping me and my daughter with our emergency.

They were my 911 heroes that day, not the troopers or sheriff’s department.

Protect and serve? You tell me.

Heidi Iten


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