Editorial Perfect Timing

To the Valley News:

All I can say is “WOW, perfect timing for this editorial.” Through the “Creating Healthy Places Grant” Cornell Cooperative Extension is currently searching to hire a Healthy Foods Educator. The primary responsibility of this program is to educate store owners as to the benefits of consuming healthy fresh produce and to increased visibility and availability of healthful foods in their stores. The educator’s secondary responsibility would be to teach consumers about health benefits of eating fresh, locally grown produce resulting in the more demand and increased shelf space for the healthy alternatives. Through this program we are hoping to address many of the issues your editorial hit upon.

I would like to highlight other programs Cornell Cooperative Extension is involved with to combat the growing epidemic of obesity and poor nutrition choices. In February, Cornell Cooperative Extension will offer a pilot program to help parents and primary caregivers of pre-school children navigate the world of nutrition, physical activity, and parenting through Supporting Healthy Families 2012 which is funded by the Glens Falls Foundation. According to the White House Task Force on Obesity, one in five children are obese by the age of 6. Among low income families, the risk rises to one in three children. This fun, interactive six-week program will explore research based parenting principles matched to healthy lifestyle principles and is facilitated by Cooperative Extension parenting and nutrition educators. This six week program is free of charge and will be held in Queensbury.

For the last eleven years Cornell Cooperative Extension in Warren County has facilitated the Eat Smart New York (ESNY) Nutrition Education program. This is a free program for families and individuals who are eligible to receive Food Stamps. ESNY is an exciting program where nutrition educators will meet with you either individually or in a group, in your home or community setting, to help you learn about: nutrition, meal planning, healthy food shopping on a budget, cooking and food safety, weight control and physical activity, and much more. Again, this is a free program and the only cost to you is your time and the benefits last a life time.

Cornell Cooperative Extension also has a wealth of information on growing your own fruits and vegetables. We have a dedicated team of Master Gardeners who would love to get you started in planning your first garden. If you do not have space for a garden contact our Community Gardens Coordinator to find a local community garden near you.

If you have any question regarding these program contact Cornell Cooperative Extension of Warren County 518-623-3291 or 668-4881.

Amy Sabattis

Public Relations Coordinator, Cornell Cooperative Extension

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