More on Tahawus railroad spur

To the News Enterprise:

This is to comment on Glenn Pearsall's letter of Jan. 25 on this subject. First, my intention in my letter was not to be so presumptuous as to give anyone a "history lesson" on this subject. I did not write that headline.

Second, there are several dictionary definitions for "wanton." My use of the word when I said that the federal government wantonly violated the Forest Preserve when they took the right-of-way for the rail spur was"having no regard for justice or the rights of other persons." In fact, the feds were moving so fast that they started to cut down the Forest Preserve before bothering to initiate eminent domain proceedings, putting the State in the embarrassing position of either enforcing our State constitution, as they were sworn to do, and be accused of holding up the war effort, or just turning a blind eye. Their solution was to get the feds to speed up the eminent domain process — also embarrassing on the record.

Putting jobs over the State constitution is not the right way to go, especially when taking out waste rock (that can be obtained from quarries anywhere) and magnetite iron ore tailings from solidly frozen piles that only have a few years of life left in them will produce only about 5 or 6 jobs at most. Just a couple of NL Industry employees were needed to load the magnetite ore tailings that have been sold since the 1990s and moved by truck.

Charles C. Morrison

Member, Board of Directors

Protect the Adirondacks!

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