Consultant outlines dissolution time table

Peter Fairweather of Fairweather Consulting and Tim Weidmann of Rondout Consulting.

Peter Fairweather of Fairweather Consulting and Tim Weidmann of Rondout Consulting. Photo by Keith Lobdell.

— The committee looking into the dissolution of the Village of Keeseville got a preview of how the nine-month study process will work.

At the kick-off meeting for committee members Jan. 31, Rondout Consulting founder Tim Weidmann went through what the next nine months would consist of in terms of deadlines for studies and public hearings.

Weidmann said that at this point, he and Peter Fairweather of Fairweather Consulting were working on the project initiation, which included the Jan. 31 meeting, a website that had specifics about the project and a public kick-off meeting scheduled for Feb. 22.

“We want to get everything out there that we can so when there are public meetings, we can have as many people attending as possible,” Weidmann said.

Weidmann said that there would be monthly meetings throughout the process with the committee, two additional public meetings and a public hearing.

The next public meeting would be in the fourth month of the process, sometime in May.

“Prior to our meeting in month four, there will be a draft version of the dissolution study,” Weidmann said. “That would be followed by the second public meeting so people could see the draft and comment on it.”

The months between would be spent working with department heads and getting a sense of what services cost in the village as well as the affected towns of Chesterfield and Ausable, which will all be part of the study.

“This is a study to provide information into what a dissolution might look like and then to provide alternatives as well,” Weidmann said. “After the public meeting, the committee then needs to take all of the options and then make a decision as to which one of the options are going to be used to make a plan.”

Weidmann said that when it comes to those decisions, there will be some major choices.

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