Ti school has earned support

To the Times of Ti:

I have read several letters recently that have begun again the bashing of Ticonderoga Central Schools. I respect your opinion, but I don’t believe you have an understanding of the value of the school to the children, to area organizations, to the culture of the town and to all our citizens as a whole.

Saturday, Jan. 21, I had a most pleasant and rewarding experience at Ticonderoga Elementary/Middle School. Kiwanis Club of Ticonderoga sponsored a Bridge Building Contest for students from Ti Middle and High School, St. Mary’s and Crown Point High School. There were probably 50-60 students who took part in this. Many townspeople were on hand, as well as (Ti school superintendent) John McDonald Jr., (Ti Elementary/Middle School principal) Bruce Tubbs and several teachers.

As I arrived I was surprised to see so many kids entering the school. Apparently, as well as the bridge building there were several other activities being held at the school. These were play practice, music practice and a zumba class to mention a few. The hall and rooms were a buzz with activity.

It is easy to be critical of the teachers and the school, but I would suggest that everyone should stop to consider the part our school plays in this town. I point out that had the budget been voted down last year when it was presented to the public a second time, there would be no activities in the schools – no organizations could have used the buildings and no students could have had those extracurricular experiences. To my knowledge, there is no other building available where kids can meet to socialize as well as share music, sports, exercise, acting and learning even on a weekend.

If you are dissatisfied with taxes as a whole, I suggest that you may want to consider Essex County tax rates approved by the board of supervisors who overrode the state 2 percent cap on the tax rate increases and approved a tax rate increase of roughly 10 percent. I believe that several surrounding counties held their increases to 2 percent. Also, let me remind you that the teachers and administrators at Ticonderoga Central Schools have taken a pay freeze for two years now, but Essex County workers refused to take any kind of a freeze – not even to save their co-workers jobs. Where is the outrage about that?

I ask you to take a moment to weigh the benefits to the Ticonderoga and surrounding communities offered by Ticonderoga Central Schools in contrast to the benefits that citizens receive from Essex County’s operations. It seems to me that Ticonderoga Central Schools has earned our support. Essex County Government? Not so much.

Lois Gunning


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