Harry Potter and our schools

To the Adirondack Journal:

Attached contains Court rulings as to the religion of Witchcraft/Wicca. The Harry Potter books and films teach and demonstrate this religion in our public schools. Lake George Schools as well as many others are propagating and teaching this religion to our school kids. All traces and references to historic and Biblical Christianity are condemned and removed from the public, but this religions tenets are being taught in schools.

Scholastic Inc, has the publishing and distribution rights and now floods America’s schools with this “religious” propaganda. Scholastic Inc. has been the exclusive supplier of their so called “educational literature” material for at least 80 years. Apparently the outcry is falling on deaf ears. Maybe it’s time for the public to be made aware of the problem. Kids don’t need anymore immoral/eventually harmful influences.

I have also included material that I sent to the seven members of the local school boards here in Warrensburg. Haven’t heard a thing from them either, and it’s the kids that are being influenced with so called “fantasy” and “fairy tales.” It’s the real thing dressed up to look harmless.

The courts have held that the 10 Commandments cannot be displayed because the kids might read into them and be influenced by the commandments and obey them. Morality is thrown out as being harmful by the courts, but harmful witchcraft can be taught and propagated. Do you think something is wrong with this picture?

Rumors have it that kids are involved in Satanic Worship and occult activities in our region. Not only that, but there have been several teen suicides. How come? Where’s the helpful, moral direction that they need? Is it in occultic/Satanic principles being taught to them by media and our school teachers? The fact is that it is what they are being indoctrinated with.

Thanks for your time.

Eugene Rudolph


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