Turning Back the Pages

Christmas in the good old days

Christmas was a quiet day in Warrensburgh. Services were held at St. Cecilia’s and Holy Cross churches. The work of winding evergreen for the decoration of the Church of the Holy Cross was done in the parish rooms to perfection this year. The beautiful weather was tempting for a walk or a drive, but after the church going crowds had dispersed at noon few people were seen on the streets. Family reunions were held in many houses and it was there that the day was most enjoyed.

The programs printed in the Warrensburgh News were much appreciated and fully enjoyed by large congregations. The snow storm on Tuesday, Dec. 24, 1912, while light, saved us from a green Christmas and was very acceptable. The air was crisp and cold after the storm and Tuesday night, Christmas eve, was a perfect winter night.

Strange but true

An unusual story came as the result of the terrible wind in Graphite recently which blew part of the roof off a barn and through the side of a house in New Hague and so badly injured Elmer Shattuck that he died from his injuries. He was buried Dec. 22, 1912.

Comrades reunite in eternity

News was received on Dec. 17, 1912 that Hiram Jebo, a native of Warrensburgh, had died at Tupper Lake. He was a tent mate of Benjamin Cilley, of Warrensburgh, during their service together in the Civil War. The men enlisted on the same day and received their discharge at the same time. Mr. Cilley was much affected by the news of his old comrade’s death.

Death in the news

Claude Branch, 21, died in Warrensburgh on Friday, Dec. 27, 1912 at the home of Benjamin Whipple with whom he had made his home since the death of his father, Leonard Branch, some years ago. The young man was taken ill in Chestertown where he was employed by A.R. Waddell, just three weeks before his death. He was brought back home here and died the following day. The boy is survived by four brothers, Robert, Henry, William and Dorrence Branch. Burial was in the Warrensburgh Cemetery.

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