Lake George should support seniors!


John H Herzog


Lake George Senior Citizen

(Editor’s Note: Our article merely reported the facts and various opinions aired at the Dec. 10 town board meeting on the issue of the town-supported gaming trips for seniors. We in no way promoted one side or another about whether taxpayers should or should not support trips for local seniors to the Saratoga Racino.

Particularly in tough economic times — when taxes are increasing yet many people have lost income and are stressed to pay their bills — citizens are indeed questioning the role of government and why it should pay through property taxes for recreational activities for a relatively few local citizens. They argue that such activities perhaps should be paid through voluntary donations rather than taxes, which are involuntary. Also, please note that our article did mention your statements supporting the trips, as well as observing that the seniors received a stipend from the Racino for gaming purposes, thus weren’t necessarily gambling with their own money.

Please note that we at the Adirondack Journal are committed to supporting our area seniors and we have done so through covering their activities quite closely — and we fully intend to continue doing so. There’s no question that our seniors have through the years made considerable contributions to our community and our nation!)

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