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To the Valley News:

There is one thing we can be certain of - the Heavens opened up with a splendor and love reserved for such horrible incidents as happened at Sandy Hook the other morning. We have read or heard people saying that the children are “with the angels” or they are “in a better place,” but those words cannot come close to containing what God is able to do faced with such circumstances. There is a perfect justice in this world and I do not think we can even fathom how the Divine is able to respond to the deepest evils and tragedies, especially when it occurs to those so innocent. There is a Divine love and comfort that can overcome anything that stands in opposition to it.

We may ask ourselves, how or why can God allow this to occur? We ourselves will not know that answer while we sit and ponder upon it in our earthly rags. There is a Wisdom that rules over the universe and all things eventually lead to an eternal Bliss that redeems all pain. The greatest sages always come back to the fact that our time on earth is an opportunity to learn. And although we do not want to think of those killed as sacrifices for some greater good, it is our opportunity to make it so now that it has happened.

There needs to be a space of freedom in our lives that allows the greatest goods and greatest evils to occur so that we can learn and make an effort to bring about the greatest good always. As a society we still allow, in our freedom, huge voids where hurt, confused, and pained individuals are groping for love and meaning. We often have become very good at loving our immediate family, but it is time to extend that love in deeper ways to everyone equally. If we were to do that, then Sandy Hook doesn’t happen, then Adam Lanza stops hiding and slinking along the halls, and gun control becomes a non-issue.

As those children and teachers get used to their new home, they are eagerly and lovingly waiting to see what we will learn and do because of their sacrifice. Yes, they are indeed in a “better place” and now we have to make the place they left behind “better”…

Gavin Johnston, Westport

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