It’s a suit

To the Valley News:

On Nov. 8, at the Elizabethtown Budget Hearing, I asked Supervisor Bartley if the Town was being sued over the sewer project. She said no. The Board remained silent and the 14 minute meeting ended soon after

It’s now come to light that the Town is in fact being sued.

One of the definitions from Webster’s Dictionary defines “ sued “ as being petitioned, which means to make a formal written request.

A formal written request was received by the Town on Aug. 27 from the Sugarman Law Firm, of Syracuse, who represents the sewer project engineers, Barton & Loguidice. A claim in the amount of $154,964 has been made against the Town of Elizabethtown and the, “claimant respectfully requests that this claim be allowed and paid within the time provided by law from the date of presentation.”

I had to file a Freedom of Information Law ( FOIL ) request to obtain this information. I had to pay for it. The law requires that documents received by the Town be available for the public to view at meetings, for free.

There have been three monthly Town Board meetings since this petition was received, but no discussion about it has occurred.

The DEC sewer funding agency has previously said they would only reimburse up to $63,000 of remaining invoices involved in the sewer project and would not pay for Bartley’s alternative sewer plans. This would leave an outstanding balance of $91,964 for the local taxpayers to absorb. I do not believe any funding has been budgeted for this expense. If the tax rate stayed the same, this would equate to roughly a 10 percent tax levy increase for you.

Ken Fenimore, Elizabethtown

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