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To the Valley News:

Since Elizabethtown Supervisor Margaret Bartley took office, I have observed a barrage of letters to the editor by Kenneth Fenimore ridiculing and making light of her job performance. In his latest letter a couple days ago, he even criticizes our town board as a whole. I have found that for the most part, his letters are filled with non-factual statements and false accusations . I am a believer in first amendment rights, but I also believe that the news media should scrutinize the authenticity of statements before publishing.

Apparently, the ousting of Ken Fenimore's brother-in-law, Noel Merrihew from office was a bitter pill for Fenimore to swallow. Not having it in him to stick it out, Fenimore resigned as councilman and in doing so, he failed to honor his commitment to those who voted him into office. This is not his first time as a quitter. Years ago, he was with the Elizabethtown Fire Department and then quit. During February of 1961 as I was entering the U.S. Marine Corps Cold Weather Training Center in California, I recall seeing a large sign at the entrance that read “QUITTERS NEVER WIN and WINNERS NEVER QUIT.” In my opinion, Ken did the town a great service by stepping aside.

If Ken Fenimore has such great concern about the budget and other town issues, Why hasn't he met with Supervisor Bartley as her door is always open. It Certainly doesn't take much of a man to sit on the sidelines and publicly criticize a woman in the news media. Personally, I think he should face reality and channel his anxieties elsewhere.

A majority of voters in this town, including myself, voted to have Margaret Bartley as our supervisor. It has taken her, with the help of others months to clean up the mess she inherited from the previous administration. During the time she has been in office, she has turned over her entire salary, minus taxes to the Town of Elizabethtown. In essence, she has been working for nothing. In the budget for 2013, she lowered her salary $6,000 from what it would normally be. Margaret has not only donated her time and money, but she also has provided sod and topsoil for the new holes at the Cobble Hill golf Course. During the past few years she has been very active in getting people involved to make this a better community. I have the utmost confidence in her ability and her determination to make the most of the assets that this town has.

Malcolm Martin, Elizabethtown

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