Budget not within cap

A fund balance amount of $101,957 was used to reduce the tax levy, but no vote was taken to allow this.

I think the taxpayers would have liked to know why the Ambulance Squad was cut $2,000, then the $2,000 was added to attorney fees. The total for attorney fees is now $5,000. Why?

Why was $1,000 cut from the library? At the end of 2011 the Town had a Fund Balance of several hundred thousand dollars, even after the 6% tax reduction.

The Highway line item for salaries is up $35,000. The Highway line for health care is up by over $40,000, yet the benefits were reduced. Why?

At least the “Insurance Buy Out” is reduced by $1,500, so I assume that Councilman Martin will no longer be taking that additional cash, in lieu of Town health insurance. He’s insured elsewhere. It’s gone on for years and is a nice perk for him, but it could total as much as $18,000.

The Elizabethtown Town Council is floundering. They concentrate on small issues, while the large important things aren’t properly resolved, at least not publicly.

The sewer project is toast, illegal meetings have occurred, illegal contracts have been issued, the Comprehensive Plan land regulation is upon you, spending is up, taxes exceed the cap, and the budget documents are flawed. Great year so far.

Sorry about the long letter, but there was no short way to tell this story.

Ken Fenimore, Elizabethtown

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