Wake up, America!

To the Times of Ti:

History repeats itself. I’m fascinated how civilizations reach greatness and then decline. Why? Events which lead a nation through its birth, infancy, productive years, and finally, death, are cyclical. Using the U.S. as an example, let’s explore each phase.

  1. Bondage. Before becoming a nation we were a colony of England, occupied by British troops, taxed and not represented.

  2. Spiritual Faith. Based on Judeo-Christian values, our founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence voiced the concept that man’s rights are not bestowed by other men or government but are inborn rights endowed by their creator.

  3. Courage. Equipped with this document and their convictions, our forefathers fought against the mighty and well-equipped army of the strongest empire of the time.

  4. Liberty. Many battles were fought and lives lost but we persevered and a nation was born.

  5. Abundance. Given the freedom to pursue happiness and obtain private property, the people of this land accomplished, in a short time, what no other nation in history had: an abundance of food and goods and the ability to freely enjoy the fruits of their labors.

  6. Selfishness. Once goals are reached and outside threats no longer problematic, people become introverted, interested in self.

  7. Complacency. Now our country is rolling along. There is a stable government, industry and agriculture are booming. The mechanics are in place to deal with foreign and domestic problems and the people feel they can relax. Somebody out there is taking care of business for them.

  8. Apathy. Years have passed since the early struggles for freedom. The people have forgotten that freedom is not free. That each of us has a responsibility to be vigilant of those we put in power. That it is incumbent upon each of us to participate and be knowledgeable of the issues that impact our lives. But instead, the people have been lulled into a false sense of security. Someone out there will take care of us, no need to be concerned.

  9. Dependency. So instead of the individual, can-do approach Americans were famous for, we now see people looking to government to fulfill all their needs. Remember this: “Government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have.”

This completes the cycle and puts us back into bondage. Wake up, America!

Mary Capek, Crown Point

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