Thurman EMS needs your support

Please find it in your heart to send as much money now as you can to Thurman EMS.

Other avenues can be researched on how to keep the agency’s doors open, or perhaps there’s a chance the town’s majority will stand up to require that the town board truly starts caring about the people they serve — those who pay the board members’ wages.

This is written as a Town of Thurman citizen that has had too many rude awakenings in my lifetime to know how important seconds count when an EMS agency responds.

Live a meaningful life, in which you care about the people that walk life with you and that you pass by every day — not obsessing over the next materialistic thing you can buy that is bought but soon forgotten. This message is not only to my community but to all that may be next to decide if a life is more important than the almighty dollar.

Do not take for granted that in our rural area, another town’s EMS company can reach local citizens in time, considering that the neighboring agency needs to give priority to their own community, like they should.

To all dedicated EMS workers, firefighters and Medivac Personnel in the region, Thank You for always being there in our many times of great need!

Aaron Beadnell, Thurman

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