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100 Years Ago • December, 1912

Sam Pasco, cornered & captured

Sam Pasco, Thurman desperado and wild man, after being pursued by the Warren County Sheriff and his deputies, was captured without a struggle after breaking his parole and getting caught at it. He began serving his ten-year sentence Dec. 26, 1912. He had his chance at freedom but lost it when he let his arrogance and his disdain for the law get the best of him.

Alvin “Sam” Pasco, the legendary Thurman bad man, who has been a fugitive from justice since Dec. 6, 1912, was captured by Sheriff T.J. Smith and deputies the evening of Dec. 19, 1912 at the farm of Alvin Combs in the town of Moreau, Saratoga County. The officers got the drop on Pasco before he was aware of their presence and his arrest was affected before the bloodshed which had been feared. Sam had been indicted by the grand jury in October for grand larceny in stealing timber from the lands of Lewis Everts in Thurman.

When he was arraigned before Justice Raley in the Nov. 1912 term of county court and pleaded guilty, he was sentenced to 10 years in Dannemora Prison but the sentence was suspended upon the condition that he would leave Warren County in 10 days and remain away for 10 years.

Pasco promised he would relieve the county of his presence and said he intended to go to Canada. He returned to Thurman while his parole was effective and after 10 days he was allotted yet another five days grace period to complete his preparations for departure. The limit was again reached and yet Sam continued to linger and he was seen around town armed with a rifle and making threats against townspeople who had incurred his wrath and dislike. He boasted that he had no intention of leaving the county and would shoot any officer who attempted to arrest him.

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