Life after Children

Kids Count

Somehow, in the midst of being a family and raising a family, it is easy to lose sight of how important seeing the great things in our partner is. What is so obvious now must have been a child induced amnesia or fog of sorts.

Together we surf for auctions, estate sales or antique sales, a shared passion. Now we are free to drive three hours to and from an auction without feeling guilty. It was difficult to find time to be with our own friends much while our daughter was growing up and now we see them more often. We also have a group of friends that we have dinner with every month.

Every month we have dinner at someone else’s home and the meals always have a theme like Italian or French. I love to cook so it is an opportunity to ply my epicurean skills with my friends.

Is there life after children, indeed there is. Right now there are young parents who are frustrated and suffering as they put the majority of their efforts and time into raising their family. Just as my parents told me, your time as a parent will pass so quickly that you won’t want it to end so soon. However, on the other side of parenting is the person you were once dating, waiting to get reacquainted. It is a fabulous time because you have someone that has been through the trials of parenthood with you and still likes you, which is a lot of like.

So when it seems that parenthood is just too much, remember that somewhere not too far down the road is that person you once dated. They are as charming as and even more interesting than they once were. Get this, now, they want to please you and make you happy again and you are their focus. My wife and I still wax nostalgic and take sojourns into childhood photo albums and tapes but those trips are infrequent and short these days.

Life is just too good and I have to go, that sweet, beautiful person I’m dating is bringing me a cold drink.

Remember, all kids count.

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