Moving forward?

As for your Obama care what was it Miss Pelosi said, “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it,” referring to the Health Care Bill. Isn’t that nice, 2,000 pages and don’t read it just vote for it. Do you happen to read the papers where employers are laying off employees or cutting them down to part time because they can’t afford Obama Care?

How about the illegal aliens that Mr. Obama wants to give jobs, food stamps and other benefits to, taking away from Americans that need jobs with nothing to say about our hard earned tax dollars to pay for it? Where do you stand on that and is this your moving forward?

Let us move forward with government employees paying their back taxes, after all I pay mine, and shouldn’t they pay their’s?

I guess we should settle for a president who blatantly lies to us about the attack in Libya calling it “acts of terror” instead of a terrorist attack and, then proceeded to go fund raising in Vegas, blamed it on a movie at the meeting at the UN. He still has not come forward yet to say when he knew or what he knew and who gave the orders. Where is your outrage over this?

Just the man you want running America. This is what the real Americans want? According to you it is. Moving forward? No, thanks.

Lorraine Kovarovic, Schroon Lake

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