Moving forward?

To the Times of Ti:

Mr. Scott David Harris, in rebuttal to your article (letter to the editor) in the Times of Ti Nov. 24, I have a few questions for you.

If Mitt Romney is emblematic of the far right then does this mean that Mr. Obama is emblematic of the far left? While Mr. Romney wanted to embolden this great country and put people to work while Mr. Obama wants to make people more dependent on the government. Whatever happened to the Keystone pipeline? Did not Mr. Obama back out of that deal which would have put thousands of people to work? Oh, I forgot he spent $435 million of taxpayers’ dollars on a bankrupt Solyndra. Where does your electricity come from? Fifty six percent of all electricity comes from coal. Mr. Obama is having the EPA go after the coal mines too, along with fracking for natural gas and how much will we now pay for our electric bill? When have you ever gotten a job from a poor man? Do you realize the rich pay most of the taxes in America now?

What are you or we moving forward to? You speak of the Republican Party as creating this mess then let us discuss the Democrats mess; the first start of our fiscal downfall was the New Deal by FDR, a Democrat. The Democrats have always wanted to spend more than they take in and it hasn’t stopped yet ($16.3 trillion and counting).

As for your statement about Blacks, Latino’s and women voters, maybe you could start listening, for they were talking demographics and how the Republicans need to change to reach more voters, not that they shouldn’t vote. If you are going to spin it at least spin it with the truth.

Moving forward let us check out Social Security and Medicare shall we. Shortly we will have more people on these programs than working to pay for it.

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