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Kids Count

To some extent, this issue has been defined and delineated around political lines. As scientists now gather again at the United Nations, some scientists are saying that they fear it may be too late to change the climate forces that have been set in motion. I hope that in the long run that they are wrong. Perhaps it will take the young people that are waiting in the wings to make the necessary political changes to counteract global warming.

The big decisions are now being made my people that obviously are not thinking about the generations to come. The profit motive is a powerful factor and can cause humans to make decisions that have serious and long reaching impacts. For some time, the world has been looking to the U.S. for leadership on this important issue and it appears that this leadership will not come from the U.S. Even if the U.S. were to see global warming as our biggest challenge and then began to make dramatic changes in fossil fuel usage, China would still be the biggest potential polluter on the planet.

I recently read that China is putting several thousand new cars on the road every day and Beijing once known as the bicycle city is becoming clogged with cars. China’s industrial base is primarily fueled by coal and the pollution caused by these many plants is enormous. The Chinese, when challenged have stated that” The U.S. did not observe did not observe any environmental rules during its industrial ascendancy and it would be unfair to expect China to observe such rules.”

While the Chinese position is not surprising given the political landscape of the country, the U.S. position on global warming is troubling. It seems to me that simple common sense would dictate that something very dramatic has changed in our environment.

As I write, it is December and the temperature is in the fifties and by Wednesday in the sixties. These temperatures certainly are a departure from the frigid days of my childhood. Going forward, addressing climate issues must become our focus and future generations are depending on us doing the right thing. The silver lining in all of this is that many new careers and many new jobs will be found in this new direction as well.

Remember, all kids count.

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