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The recent U.S. political campaign held many surprises including super storm “Sandy.” Ironically, even on the heels of recent storms, Irene and Sandy, many politicians continue to question what the best scientists in world are saying, global warming is real.

Recently, the best environmental scientists in the world met in Durban, South Africa and they concluded that the world has given up on the U.S. assuming a role as a world leader in reducing global warming. Peter Raven a long trusted adviser to U.S. presidents and Congressmen stated forty years earlier that global warming was a “hoax.” Now forty years later he recently stated that, “Global warming is the biggest challenge that humans have ever faced.”

There is virtually unanimous consensus among the world’s scientists who say that humans are the major reason that the worlds average temperature is rising. This same observation was made by a noted Swedish scientist in 1895 stating that “adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere will make it warmer.”

Currently, 98 percent of climate scientists support that global warming is manmade. Several scientists have suggested that the solution to global warming may be held hostage by the fossil fuel industry. Further, at least one scientist referenced how the U.S. railroad interests in congress held up the development of a unified highway system. Railroads were once extremely powerful and although the automobile reigned supreme in America, the roads were often substandard, in the end railroads did lose their supremacy and the highway system was built and railroads suffered mightily as a result. Now, with much to lose and nothing to be gained, the fossil fuel industry may be the driving political and financial force behind keeping global warming out of the spotlight and keeping the veracity of the science around global warming t in question.

The impact of the railroads holding up a highway system may have allowed railroads a little more time to profit from their operations; however, the effects of not making global warming a political and financial focus may prove to be a grave mistake f or human beings in general. Just about every young person that I have spoken with understands global warming and takes it as fact unlike the parent aged adults around them.

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