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I (Michele) recently spent time with my five year old niece. She and I were chatting about school and she then ran outside to play with her brother. She flew out the door with me calling behind her, “be careful lovey!” A few minutes later she came back inside and said, “You called me lovey, I like that.” She has decided that is what I am to call her from this day forward, not every time, but at least once or twice whenever we have a conversation. She understands the power of sweet talk.

Any term of endearment has the power to pull at deep emotion. No matter how young or old we are, we like to be appreciated. What we are trying to say, is the body language and humor of the speaker can give us clues to the real meaning. Some men and women like to naturally tease and in this context it is quite harmless. It is all about how we receive it and what we choose to do from there.


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