Who do we fear most?

Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

Over the next two weeks we’ll have the opportunity to hear the plans both presidential nominees and their respective parties have for our nation. As the accusations, truth twisting spin and political posturing takes place we can only hope that those who are undecided can find the information they need to reach a wise decision. One not reached from a position of fear, anger nor built on lies, but instead one made from sound facts and realistic hopes.

This nation has been blessed over time with the right leadership at just the right time to guide the country through very difficult times. We can only hope that once again the nation can come together and get behind a plan that begins to turn things around. Certainly in my lifetime I know of no other time as critical as the one we currently face. Our national identity and many of the principles we’ve held closely in the past seem to be brushed aside in favor of self wants. Far too many are treating this election like a sporting event more than making a life altering choice. With so much at stake I wonder what we fear more in the coming election — that the “wrong side” will lead the nation back to security and prosperity receiving all the credit or that the “right side” will unleash all the negatives we heard from the other side and push the nation farther into debt and further into despair?

If the contest is going to be about anything meaningful, it should be about how we are going to correct the nation’s finances, which presents a grave danger to American power and prosperity. The bi-partisan Bowles-Simpson plan offered solutions last year, but will either candidate be willing to address the issues in the same bipartisan manner that all Americans and both parties can get behind? The bipartisan commission of 18 members, including six senators and six representatives, tried to address the country's fiscal challenges, but Republican VP nominee Paul Ryan refused to support the majority's findings and President Obama also declined to pursue the suggested policies. If the solution is that radioactive and our current leaders refuse to even touch it what will it take for the nation to come to grips with these issues?

Dan Alexander is publisher and CEO of Denton Publications. He may be reached at dan@denpubs.com.

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