No Relationship Between Gaming and Violence

Kids Count

After all, young people with their loud music and weird gyrations and long hair may have looked like the return of cave man culture. I’m afraid that Bill Haley’s rock anthem “Rock and Roll is here to stay it will never die,” was true then and so it is also true that gaming culture is here to stay and it will never die.

For its part, the gaming industry has a rating system that keeps games like Grand Theft Auto out of the hands of ten year olds. It has an “M” rating for mature and no one under 17 years of age can purchase the game. However, more than half of all games are rated “E” for everyone. Only 12-percent of games are rated “M” for mature. In my opinion, this is where responsible parenting can and must play a crucial role.

I would recommend that as parents you go through a session of Grand Theft Auto of GTA 3 and decide if these games are in line with what you want your younger teen viewing. Unless I have completely misread the current literature around gaming, many of the media claims are unfounded.

I see it as another situation, like so many others, where each parent or parents must determine what is appropriate and what is not for their child or children. That’s right, good old fashioned, common sense.

Remember, all kids count.

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