Labor Day celebration?

American workers face difficult times

Winners get to write history, which probably accounts for the fact many seem to blame the recession on workers, particularly public employees, apparently forgetting the bankers, Wall Street managers and greedy business people who pushed our economy to the brink of collapse. They cite employee salaries and benefits that taxpayers and businesses can no longer afford.

Union workers have been forced to make salary and benefit concessions. Non-union laborers have simply had to accept cuts to their pay and benefits. Workers are told they’re lucky to have jobs at all.

There was a time in America when workers earned a living and respect by doing their jobs. Day-by-day, year-by-year the American labor force did its part and was rewarded with an improved quality of life.

Those days are gone, at least for now. Workers are still expected to do their jobs every day, but for less pay and less respect.

This Labor Day let’s do more than attend a parade or have a cook out. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the difficulties encountered by American workers and thank them for continuing to do the job in the face of great adversity.

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