Indian Lake Town Board meets in Blue Mt. Lake

— Cell tower

On the topic of the cell tower, Supervisor Wells reported that, “The tower is up there.” There had been a setback regarding one of the anchors having to be re-engineered, but that had been solved, according to Wells. Piers have been poured, and the housing unit is on site. It was also reported that the road to the site has been closed off due to unauthorized visitors going to the site, taking pictures and posting erroneous information on the Internet. Further, it was pointed out that unauthorized visitation also represents an injury hazard and potential slow-down to the work progress.

“Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that once the tower is up, it will be turned on,” Wells said. “Believe me, I want this service as much as anyone, and I can’t wait to close a meeting by telling everyone to go on outside and turn your cell phones on.”

Other business

The board announced the availability of the New York State Yellow Dot program designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency medical care. The free program allows participating individuals to place medical information in the glove compartment of their car and/or in a container stored in the freezer of their refrigerator. A yellow dot is provided to be placed on the driver side window of the car and/or the front door of the house to alert emergency medical personnel to the fact that a special medical situation exists and that the information is stored in the glove compartment of the car and/or the freezer. Those interested in taking advantage of this free program should contact Julie Clawson for the web address.

It was announced that the Public Employee Risk Management Association (PERMA) rating for the town has vastly improved.

“In the past, we have rarely scored over 70,” said Supervisor Wells. “But now our score is 85.”

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