Accommodate the schoolhouse volunteers, find another site for Adirondack day camp

Considering this, I can empathize with the schoolhouse folks at that meeting that they felt like they had no input regarding the use of the schoolhouse, and I understand their feelings of exclusion. At the same time, I feel our youth and those who contribute to their growth is a vital concern and I am happy to know I live in a community willing to contribute to that.

However, as a parent and grandparent, I would ask myself some questions about this building and whether I wanted my child there under those circumstances and what I can do to change what I am uncomfortable about. As a resident, I would like to see this discussion resolved so all concerned within our community feel we have come to a workable solution by June 2013.

Also, I’d would like to know if there is lead in the paint of this old building or asbestos in the walls. I also thought we the people of Horicon had hired a “beautification employee” — so why are our children picking up dirty trash without gloves and being exposed to invasive species of plants? Also, there is presently no hot water at the schoolhouse. I also would be concerned about the long walk on the busy roads of Adirondack going to the beach. Certainly, the long walk is good for the children, but not on the narrow Adirondack hamlet roads.

I would also ask what the requirements are to operate a day care center or camp. I believe this question was asked and Mr. LaFountain said their operation was an “Enrichment Program,” thereby bypassing applicable state requirements.

My thoughts are that we need to come together as a community with the LaFountains to promote this opportunity and find a suitable location within Horicon for the day camp purpose.

Perhaps, when a request affecting a large group comes before the Town Board, a second meeting for all involved could be held before a final commitment is made.


Edna Trumble

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