The system needs the overhaul

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I know that there are many who believe that government handouts are a very poor way to solve anything. Although I used to feel that was an ill-informed belief, I have listened, and I agree that it contributes more and more to big government inefficiency, causing government debt and/or higher taxes, often placing the burden on those who can least afford it.

It is also somewhat of a disincentive for those who are the beneficiaries to get back to work or to resolve their financial situations on some person to person basis instead of continuing to rely on the government.

However, I am also a realist and also a student of how systems work and how culture is formed and resistant to change.

Now, I have not only found myself reliant on unemployment insurance until it ran out, but now find myself having to rely on food stamps. I can tell you, not in my wildest dreams!

I hope you will believe me that I am very qualified for at least three fourths of the hundreds of positions I have applied for. There is only one plausible explanation for why I have not even received a first level of interest from more than a few of them. In those few cases, it became apparent that the person who first contacted me was not prejudiced, but the rest of the people involved in the hiring process could not honestly say the same.

Prejudiced against what? My age. I am over the “retirement age.” The way our system is set up, an older person will end up costing the business precious dollars of increased insurance premiums because on the average older persons have many more medical claims, also often much more expensive ones. In my case, they would be correct in their assumption.

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