Injury inspires calls for handicap accessibility

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It was clear those running the meeting were growing frustrated, and while they let her have her say, they were ready to move on and tackle what they considered to be the real issues of the meeting.

But that was the real issue in that moment and desperately needed to be addressed.

Imagine, living with a disability that makes it significantly more difficult for one to get around and navigate throughout the day. Depending on the venue the individual is navigating, that might become impossible.

Perhaps that individual simply wants to attend the book club, the political meeting, shop at the local clothing store or eat at the diner, except the individual is stuck waiting at the door or at the bottom of the stairs.

My son is disabled, but he is still young and small, so I carry him around often and it is more difficult to experience such difficulties, though I think about them and wonder what it will be like for him as he grows.

Being restricted to crutches lately I have experienced a slight taste of being disabled. I am in no means permanently disabled and do not want to imply that my plight is the same as that of a handicapped individual, but I have better been able to understand and appreciate the frustration.

Navigating some stores, with narrow aisles, is frustrating and at times impossible on crutches and with a leg brace. I just needed a pair of loose shorts that would fit easily around my leg brace.

I was on a bus, and found myself unable to navigate the narrow aisle with my crutches. All I wanted was to sit down as I was bumped and stumbled in the aisle, sending shooting pain up and down my leg.

I can think of other examples, but long story short, I was frustrated and angry at times attempting to carry out tasks so simple for the able-bodied who, at times, clearly expressed their own frustration with having to wait for and navigate around me as they easily raced to their destinations.

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