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Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

If those running for office can focus on giving us a clear choice between two competing ideas or plans rather than spending all of their — make that our — money and efforts designing marketing plans to tear down the other side they have only proven they are good at destroying people and ideas with lies and innuendo, while planting doubt, lack of trust and further dysfunction…and what kind of choice is that? The reality is they either don’t think we are smart enough to understand anything more than empty promises, or they know the slim minority of those who will ultimately decide the election are simple minded enough to believe their lies. We can no longer allow that small minority to set the agenda for our nation. Either way, if we don’t demand higher standards from them we will continue to get more of what we’ve been getting. Additionally, these new Super PACS that the candidates (wink-wink) have no control over are just another example of the disrespect they have for the American electorate.

I believe the time has come to demand that they be accountable or it’s time for the “divorce.” What exactly do I mean by divorce? In any household where the adults are not responsible enough to provide the basic necessities, someone must step in and put things in order, be it a grandparent, family member or some other responsible adult. If the parties can’t put forward candidates with ideas and plans to move the nation forward then they should be dismantled and replaced. That will only happen if members of those parties step forward and make it known they have the will and power to do so by resigning from the party, refusing to vote or by getting involved, taking greater control and demanding true change. If the party has no base to play to it may force them to greater accountability.

Dan Alexander is publisher and CEO of Denton Publications. He may be reached at dan@denpubs.com.

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