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H.L. Smith, who lives in the adjoining house, heard the horse kicking and squealing about 10 o’clock Monday night and it was without doubt then that the tragedy occurred. The horse is a gentle animal and the owner is unable to account for its action. Coroner Burt of Lake George gave a verdict of accidental death. The body was in such a condition that immediate burial was necessary and as Taylor left no money, Overseer of the Poor John J. Archer took charge of the body and superintended the burial. George Taylor was originally from Port Henry.

Singer issues bad notes

New York vocalist Griffith Hughes, who spent a week in Warrensburgh early in July and was the subject of a brief write-up in the Warrensburgh News, was arrested Wednesday evening, July 31, 1912 at the Baptist Church in Ticonderoga, just after he had sung with the choir the closing hymn of the weekly prayer meeting.

The offense for which Hughes was taken into custody and to which he confessed his guilt was passing a worthless check for $20 at the Hotel Worden, Lake George in payment for a bill for board. When informed of the charge against him, the young man confessed that it was true and than collapsed. He was under the care of a physician for several hours and his plight aroused much sympathy among the congregation that had so greatly enjoyed his really fine singing. His voice was much admired by all who were privileged to hear him. They therefore raised sufficient money to make the check good and the case against the baritone soloist was dropped.

Hughes played the same game at the Warren House in Warrensburgh. When he left his bill was $10 and he gave Landlord O’Connor a worthless check for $15 and received $5 in change. He was in such a hurry to leave that he left some of his baggage behind. It was found that he also passed a bogus check at a prominent hotel in Rutland, Vt. (Note: The story of the Welch baritone’s Adirondack tour was in this column in the July 7, 2012 Adirondack Journal. I think that besides being a fine singer, Hughes was also a fine actor who knew, probably from long practice, just how to arouse financial sympathy from his adoring audience.)

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