Don’t call our president names

To the Times of Ti:

As a young boy my mother told me of an old saying with regard to speaking out on a subject! She told me “I could stay quiet and let people think me a fool or say something and let them know!”

The old saying came to mind after reading the letter in the Times of Ti from John Sharkey about our president. I don’t take Mr. Sharkey’s remarks about my assessment of the president seriously because he obviously is biased! However, when someone refers to one of our presidents past or present and uses the word “stupidly” they should remember what the Christian Bible states about slander! Leviticus 19:16 “Do not go about spreading slander among your people.”

Using the failed Solar Energy Company Solyndra as an example of something the Obama administration did wrong was totally ridiculous! As pointed out in a New York Times article “federal loan programs — especially loans for innovative energy technologies — virtually require the government to take risks the private sector won’t take. Indeed, risk-taking is what these programs are all about.”

Solyndra’s loan was $560 million, a mere drop in the bucket to what was paid Halliburton, former vice-president Dick Cheney’s former employer during the Iraq War!

China spent $30 billion on solar energy subsidies and America’s solar energy industry with help from loans employs more people than the coal or steel!

When it comes to the truth one can find little in what is being spread by Mr. Sharkey or the Republican Party! Instead of plagiarizing songs and telling people “The sky is falling” Mr. Sharkey would be better served by writing non-fiction! The facts are President Obama as well as Mr. Sharkey didn’t get anything without help from the Almighty Lord! This goes for every businessman and women who may think they did it all by themselves!

There is nothing wrong with not liking our president but slandering him with false truths is not what America is about! I and many other Americans are waiting for candidate Romney to release his tax returns as his father did when running for office! I also wonder why Mr. Romney has accounts in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland where others have used as tax shelters! Shouldn’t we require anyone in the White House to pay taxes as ordinary citizens do!

I have questions about Mr. Romney but I will not call him stupid!

Gary P. Guido


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