My Summer Job

Teen learning the ropes at local restaurant

— A summer job. Three words that sound easy, right? That’s how I felt going into my new summer job of being a busser at Basil & Wick’s restaurant. But after a while, I realized things were not as easy as I had imagined.

My first day went pretty easy. I learned how everything worked and what I was obligated to do.

The next few days things took a turn for the worse, and I was often getting scared. One time a server asked me to go down to the basement for some lemons. I went down, grabbed them, and on my way back up one of the cooks was coming down and scared me. The lemons went everywhere as I shrieked with terror. The cook was nice, of course, and helped me pick them up and apologized.

Another day I was again asked to go to the basement and grab something. So I went down into the walk-in freezer and the same cook was coming into the freezer as I was leaving and scared me again. Luckily this time I hadn’t dropped what I was bringing up.

Another time I was in the basement and the same cook was down there. I saw the walk-in freezer door was open, but sometimes they get left open, so I left it and figured I’d shut it on my way upstairs. Yet the cook was in there, and, on his way out, scared me once again.

I’ve also broken a few things. One time I was cleaning off a table and dropped a drinking glass. The glass went everywhere, and water spilled all over the table. Another busser told me it was OK and helped me pick it up. Another time I was putting glasses away in the holders for the dishwashers. I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to drop a glass while trying to put it away. The dishwasher helped me pick up the glass and said it was OK. He had dropped one earlier. But after all of this, we still have enough glasses.

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