Appreciative of act

To the Valley News:

I want to say thank you to a cheerful young man who went out of his way for me.

On Tuesday last, I was in the Horace Nye Nursing Home parking lot, packing my car with things I use for my volunteering, and I placed my cane against the car. When I took off, I didn't give it a thought until I got to my friend's house in New Russia. I had my name and address on the cane and hoped someone might bring it into Horace Nye.

When I got back there, there was no sign of it or word about it.

That afternoon, I heard someone knocking at my door. I don't move too quickly but saw a black truck backing out of my driveway. When I went out on the porch, the driver saw me and called out and pointed to my cane he left on the porch. I couldn't hear what he said about where he had found it, but he said it had been run over. I was thanking him, when he pulled out of the driveway and I never got his name. I don't know how far he had to go out of his way to find my house, but he was obviously pleased to have found it.

I just want to say thank you to this man. It may not seem like a big deal story or anything like that, but so often these acts of kindness are overlooked or taken for granted.

Ann Glegg


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