Turning Back the Pages

The above and foregoing was communicated to Seth Hall, the subscriber, by a person who was present at the time, and whose veracity may be relied on, along with many other unexceptionable witnesses.

Bondservant escapes

Five Dollars Reward: Ran away from the subscriber, on the first of May, an indented boy named Simeon Smith, aged 14 years. Wearing a black coat, hat and striped pantaloons when he went away. Said boy is of a middling size, darkish complexion, black eyes and dark colored hair. All persons are forbid harboring or trusting said boy under penalty of the law. Whoever will give information to the subscriber, where said boy may be found, shall receive the above reward. Laban Pratt, Shrewsbury, Vt. August 30, 1820. (Note: In the early years of the U.S., many immigrants served a period of indented labor in order to pay off the cost of their boat ride here. A common practice in the 17th and 18th centuries, over half of immigrants and their children of that era worked off an average of three years’ servitude. Their indenture was oft times similar to slavery.)

100 Years Ago, July-Aug. 1820

Big people in a small world

A baby boy in the family of Paul Bres, who lives on a farm near Ottawa, Canada, is 26 months old and weighs 127 pounds. He is believed to be the biggest child in the world for his age. This giant baby has a chest measurement of 40 inches. His parents are normal in physique. (Note…In England, on May 31, 1820, “Mr. Bradley,” the Yorkshire giant died. He measured nine feet in length and three feet across his shoulders. Many cultures believe that giants were the first race of people to inhabit the earth.)

Glens Falls builds new street

Ground was broken July 8, 1912 at the rear of the Byrne property next to the YMCA on Glen St. for a new business block to be erected by Byron Lapham, president of the Glens Falls National Bank and Charles A. Hovey, who recently purchased the property. A new street, 20 feet in width will run along the lot next to the YMCA. The dirt being excavated will be used to grade the premises of Mr. Lapham on Maple Street.

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