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Man comes back from the dead

Mr. Bradley Treadwell, aged 31 years, who manifested great composure and resignation to the will of Heaven, died Aug. 19, 1820 in Weston, Conn. after an illness of five days. The circumstances of his death are truly extraordinary.

On the morning of the 19th he gave the parting hand to all present. When all supposed him to be dead, the neighbors were sent for to lay him out. About four hours after the suspension of life, when they were proceeding to lay him out, he was observed to have a small motion in his breast, which surprised the bystanders and soon increased signs of life began to appear. When one present spoke to him he attempted to answer by making a faint noise which again terribly surprised them. He than suddenly as from a sleep, arose in his bed, and sat up.

The first words he uttered were, “I have seen glorious things since I have been gone.” — which was about four hours. “It appears to me that I have been gone four or five days. I have seen the New-Jerusalem, with all its habitable beauties, and heard the sweet music of angels. I have seen and drank of the waters of life, which have cured me. My conductor told me I must return for a small space, and tell my friends and neighbors to prepare to meet me in that happy place.” He continued to comfort and exhort all present, the remainder of his time with great earnestness, which was about four or five hours.

He also said, “I saw and heard the weeping of my friends, from beyond the mountains and heard the echo and re-echo and was told by my conductor to tell them not to mourn for me, but for themselves.” He continued in this state ‘til he expired and sweetly fell asleep in Jesus.

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