Taxpayer credit card maxed

To the Times of Ti:

The (Ticonderoga) town board is now at the point where every project it starts has to be bonded, borrowed or guaranteed. What you don’t seem to realize is that all this money must be paid back at some future date. There is practically nothing that we can pay for. 

Since Ticonderoga is not mandated to have a town police force it would seem that it is the only department that can be eliminated. There are other less expensive alternatives that would provide the same or better level of police protection for the town. It is time for the town to explore these options. 

The 3,300 taxpayers of Ticonderoga are not a credit card to be used at the town board’s pleasure.

The board members should remember that you work for us, the taxpayers. You can not wait until the town is broke and has to declare bankruptcy, like Stockton, Calif. They are a large city, which had to lay off half of its police and fire departments and still couldn’t get out of debt. 

It is time the board stopped saying we always had this or we always do it this way. Times have changed. A good example is, we always had great drinking water from Gooseneck Pond, now we have to drill wells for water. Besides the regular budget the police chief received almost $35,000 in grants and yet his budget was zero at the end of the year. This budget season, please remember that the taxpayer credit card is maxed out. 

Richard Holroyd


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