Plattsburgh State a world class institution

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It also should be mentioned that the university employs faculty who are world renowned in areas such as anthropology, science, English and writing, to name a few, receiving recognition for chasing after the universe's origins, writing acclaimed works of fiction and much more.

As someone who covered education for more than 10 years, while I would love to see my daughter travel to another part of the state, country or world for her education and add to her life experiences at the same time, I would also be proud and pleased if she remained here and attended Plattsburgh State.

I don’t say that because it is close, and therefore safer, at least in the mind of a parent who would miss his child if she left, but I say that because it is a fine institution. No, it is more than that, it is an institution at which my daughter would thrive and ultimately leave equipped with many of the tools she would need to chase after and capture success, in at least those parts of life a college education prepares you for.

Middle States recently accredited Plattsburgh State for 10 more years and poured accolades on an institution that has earned such a pat on the back.

I would say that I hope Plattsburgh State continues to thrive, but it appears the institution does not need my hope.

We are fortunate to have such a place in our back yard.

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