Health insurance a concern

To the Times of Ti:

The recent letter by Tom Allen of Ticonderoga makes sense and brings out two problems. The issue of what percentage of one’s health insurance cost should be borne by teachers and others has to be addressed.

Mr. Allen’s point showing what other districts as well as what the private sector pays shows a disparity with regard to Ticonderoga educators. Unfortunately what is occurring is a direct result of a health system that has been allowed to fleece the public in the name of “capitalism.”

As a former employer who tried to give my employees health coverage as a benefit, I can attest to the fact that the public is being fleeced! At one point my business paid the entire cost of health care insurance but as cost rose we had to cut benefits. When I retired we were requiring our employees to pay 50 percent of the cost for health care and this was several years ago.

Health care companies are reaping great profits while cutting expenses by denying care and raising co-pays. The Affordable Health Care Act, which most polls show Americans don’t want, has already helped curb cost by limiting what a person has to pay for drugs under Medicare. Those who are now covered by health plans as a benefit are first in line to say we don’t need our government involved in our health care. The Republican candidate for President Mitt Romney has made it clear that he will do everything in his power to remove the Affordable Health Care Act as well as disassemble Medicaid and Medicare.

If this occurs the $21,828 yearly cost for Ti teachers will surely double in a short time. Residents should remember that most educators continue to receive health benefits well beyond retirement and they are also reimbursed for the cost of Medicare taken from their Social Security income. Not only do they get Cadillac Health Plans while working and after retirement, but they also receive monthly stipends paid for by the taxpayer. Many who pay taxes in the Ti district are strapped by their own means of income and cost of health care.

Perhaps it is time for taxpayers to look to Patrick Henry for advice or, in this case, Tom Allen.

Gary P. Guido


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