Still no word from Verizon with Minerva cell tower initiative

— During the April 19 Minerva Town Board meeting, the status of the Verizon cell tower project was discussed.

Town Supervisor Sue Montgomery Corey said that they had still not heard back from Verizon but were moving forward with planning a workshop to discuss the issue of getting cell phone service for the area.

A local resident, Corrine Coyle, wrote to the town suggesting that the cell tower should be located on town property. The original proposed location was behind the town hall, while the new proposed location is behind Sporty’s Iron Duke Saloon. Corey acknowledged the desirability of having the tower built on town property, but said that her priority is “to get the widest cell coverage for residents in our area for public health and safety”and that this was more important than the ultimate location of the tower.

In other business, the board approved a resolution to have Aquatic Invasive Management continue the milfoil removal project that they have been conducting over the past four years. This year, they suggested only two 20-hour blocks—one at the beginning of the season and the other at the end—were necessary at this stage.

The fee for the work is $7,409 and includes services of two divers and one top water crew. The effectiveness of the hand harvesting of milfoil in Minerva Lake was independently verified by Dr. Larry Eichler from the Darrin Fresh Water Institute based in Bolton Landing and affiliated with RPI.

Eichler noted that the level of milfoil was significantly less than he would have expected.

The board decided to support the suggestion of a local resident that the speed on the section of Rt. 28N that leads into the hamlet of Minerva—roughly the area between 14th Road and Wilson Road—be reduced from 55 mph to 45 mph. The board will be sending a letter to the Department of Transportation to this effect, citing the number of young children and senior citizens in that area, the number people who get their mail at the roadside, and the proximity of the Fire Department and their frequent need to access the road when pulling fire trucks in and out of the garage.

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