Possible teacher assistant cuts discussed in Indian Lake

— The point was made that the race was good for the towns of Indian Lake and Inlet, attracting competitors and fans who are in their 30s, 40s and 50s, with disposable income and fostering future visits to camp, snowmobile, kayak and hike.

In the consideration of the approval, the Board focused on two issues.

First and foremost, the school and is a “no tolerance zone” for alcohol and drugs. This prohibits the possession and consumption of beer anywhere within the school or on its grounds. The race representatives assured the Board that arrangements had been made with the adjacent Catholic Church to have a double fenced area to which the sale and consumption of beer will be confined, thus keeping beer off the grounds of the school. Emphasis was also placed on the fact that there will be no outward promotion of the availability of beer or would there be any beer sponsor for the race.

Secondly, the issue of using lockers, showers and gym were addressed, centering on the possibility of injury to competitors due to biking footwear on the school floors and damage to the floors from same. The board was assured by the custodial staff of the school and race officials that there was no history of such injury or damage during past use for the Black Fly Challenge.

The Board approved the use of the school and grounds for the 2012 race with the caveat that the event needed to be supervised closely and the understanding that any problems with alcohol on the grounds, injury to competitors or damage to school property would put approval for use in future years in serious jeopardy.


Students Alyssa Cuthbert and Richard Carrow directed the board’s attention to the upcoming Envirothon in which the school will have two teams of five students each competing at the county level.

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