Happiness Not Just for High Achievers

Kids Count

Maybe we are making kids happier with all this activity, though that doesn’t appear to be the case. Actually, rather than enrolling kids into so many different activities, it might be better if most adults patterned their schedules after their young children. Watch a young child that has been given an ice cream cone, a simple pleasure enjoyed by many ages. However, young children have the gift of living in the moment and for the time that they are eating their ice cream, it is their exclusive joy and they lose themselves in each delicious moment. They don’t need lots of expensive stuff; they have the gift of enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

Just being outside looking at the clouds or playing in the rain connects children with the important simple pleasures that life affords everyone who is available to receive them.

Children have the gift of letting go their anger and can express a full range of emotions. Observe a playground and you may see kids arguing one minute and laughing and playing with each other in the next moment. Children that are free to do so, can engage in imaginative play, losing themselves, if only momentarily in a character that they are portraying with a joyful and complete embrace. While we are all influencing the children in our little piece of the world, don’t be afraid to experience the world as they do through happy eyes.

Look at the clouds with them, run in the rain, step in a mud puddle, make funny noises and faces and most of all laugh, laugh until it overcomes you. Yes you can, be happy.

Remember all kids count.

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