Increase sensitivity to women’s issues


Therapy Night Club and Sport Lounge hosted a Girls Gone Wild event last year, a clear example of the objectification of women and perverse glorification of a model of women too many young girls have damaged themselves physically and emotionally to mimic. Despite these realities, many in the North Country defended Girls Gone Wild and reverted to misogynistic cave-man like behavior, joking and commenting on the scantily clad women in ways some find acceptable, funny and harmless.

Meanwhile, a young woman walks down the street, minding her own business as a group of men cat-call and objectify her. That’s wrong for any woman to endure, but imagine if that woman had been victimized in the past and has difficulty walking by men, let alone ones who treat her like a meal.

Or, while some so-called adults make light of Girls Gone Wild posters, a young woman has locked herself in the bathroom and is making herself vomit so she can lose weight and fit into a bikini the way the media says she should.

Also sad is that city officials said last year’s police presence assisting Take Back the Night marchers was because the event coincided with Girls Gone Wild, which drew a big crowd. So I guess to garner support for a group working to save women’s lives you need to schedule alongside one that objectifies women.

Take Back the Night is needed and should have been allowed in the streets, because the situation is dire. Plus, those who shared their tragic stories were healing, and what an uplifting way to do it, taking to the streets, declaring your strength and demanding your safety.

I recall the first time I shared I had been sexually abused. How strong I would have felt to march in the streets beside survivors.

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