Take back day set in Essex County for prescription drugs

— According to the prevention team, rates of prescription drug abuse in the U.S. are alarmingly high.

“Proper disposal of expired medications ensures that individuals do not take a medication that could be potentially harmful,” Grant Martin, the pharmacist at Elizabethtown Community Hospital, said. “Many medications decompose after the expiration date and will not provide the response they are intended to. Some can even be toxic. This take back program is something that can and should be utilized by everyone.”

Ticonderoga Police Chief Mark Johns encouraged residents to turn in their medications so that there will be fewer drugs available in the community that can be stolen and used illegally.

“It’s especially important for seniors to have this option, as they are more vulnerable to prescription drug theft,” Johns said.

The Prevention Team is working with law enforcement agencies, the Lake Placid-Wilmington CYC, local government and other community groups to inform the public of the dangers of prescription drug misuse and abuse and the need get unused Rx drugs out of homes for proper disposal.

For more information on the Nationwide Rx Drug Take Back Day in Essex County, contact Mac MacDevitt at either mac@preventionteam.org or 570-5606.

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