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Horse attempts suicide?

Driven to despair by the recent increase of “buzz-wagons” or automobiles in Warrensburgh, a local horse cut his throat with a pane of glass.

Viewing the trend with deep concern —and seeing in this the eventual decay of his race, a philosophical horse owned by R.D. Cowles of Lewisville, philosophized to such an extent April 19, 1912 that he became mentally unbalanced and in a moment of desperate despondency was determined to “shuffle” off this mortal string of vertebrae.

The animal thrust his head through the pane of glass which separated him from the outside world of smoke - belching vehicles and a couple of rubbed his head neck several times against the jagged edge of the broken window pane. However, he did not know how much a horse could stand — although one of the arteries in the neck was severed, he still tarried in this world of worry and woe.

Local veterinary surgeon Dr. Alfred J. Pitcher was summoned and he closed the wound with a number of stitches. The horse is now making a rapid progress toward recovery.

Fire rescue sets a record

The Glens Falls Fire Department established a record on the morning of April 14, 1912 by extinguishing in 45 minutes a stubborn fire which broke out in the Linehan Hotel, a three-story structure at 57 Glen St. and at the same time rescuing four persons from the second and third stories by means of ladders. The building’s damage was estimated at about $1,000 which was covered by insurance.

The only person injured was Harvey Delavarge, a man about 70 years old and a Civil War veteran. The old man occupied the room in which the fire started, a small apartment in the rear of the barroom. He was rescued by several firemen but not before the hair was burned from his head and his left hand was burned.

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