Stop selling ‘our’ property

To the Valley News:

How long are the American people going to stand by while public bureaucrats sell off public property to the highest bidder?

The Essex County Board of Supervisors may have the ability to sell the nursing home, but they do not have the moral authority to sell public property. The Horace Nye Nursing Home is owned by the residents of Essex County. To sell that “commons” (owned by the public citizens), they are morally obligated to get permission from the constituency: a referendum that is approved by 75-percent of the citizens of Essex County.

This country finds, tries, and convicts embezzlers for absconding with the property of others.

Why do we allow public officials to manage public property by selling it? I say “NO!”

Corporate/financial interests have stolen public property so often, that the public believes this process is “business as usual.” No; it is a form of embezzlement!

I know. Let’s allow Jan Brewer to sell the Grand Canyon. Our national heritage should be protected by private ownership (and exploitation). Right?

C. R. Touby

Saranac Lake

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