Response to health care letter

To the News Enterprise:

I want to comment on Bob O'Brien's letter in the April 7 edition of the News Enterprise.

In the present political climate, truth is often a casualty in discussions of political issues. For example, conservative commentators, news organizations, and political candidates have been very active in spreading misinformation about the Affordable Health Care Act.

Here are some facts.

First, the insurance is from private insurance companies, not the federal government.

Second, if you currently have health insurance and are happy with it, there is no mandate that you change.

Third, employers are required to enroll all new full-time employees in the company's health care insurance, not some government plan.

In Massachusetts, the health care law signed by Gov. George Romney has features similar to the federal law. During the period the law has been in effect, the percentage of businesses providing insurance has increased.

The Affordable Health Care Act has already had positive effects, including the addition of 2.5 million adult children to their parents' insurance (up to age 26), and elimination of prior conditions as a reason for denial of coverage.

It may come as a surprise, but this country has a single-payer government health care system run by the Veterans' Administration. It has all the characteristics of the often vilified "socialized medicine." The hospitals are owned by the government, the staff is hired by and paid by the government, and there is no choice of doctor. And the whole enterprise is funded by our taxes. I have not heard any outcry from conservatives to do away with this system.

Accurate information on the Affordable Health Care Act, including the complete text, is available on the Internet. I encourage all citizens to become better informed on health care, as well as other current political issues.

David Carson

Long Lake

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