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Some students won't play the traditional team sports because there are other options such as track and hockey which are offered through this school. This option hurts the traditional sports. Do the math. The fact that this option has been available for some time has definitely impacted the numbers willing to play the traditional sports. It has encouraged many athletes to do their own thing and not being part of the group or the team. Here is a place where the boys can field a varsity soccer team with two or three on the bench but cannot field a baseball team, a sport that requires about the same numbers. A varsity basketball team needs less than that. Keene has a brand new gym and a new baseball field with no one with the desire to use it. Sad.Questio - what kind of school spirit exists at Keene now?

After sitting back and watching this whole deal for a few years why was it me who had to come down here and ask why a sports schedule was not posted on cable? Doesn't anyone within this system think of this? Does anyone care? And thank you for posting it this year by the way. At least twice this year during the JV boys basketball games the bleachers were only pulled out just enough to seat the front row. I am so glad the custodial staff encourages community support for our teams. If pulling the bleachers out is such a difficult task they should play basketball games next season on the tennis court.

It is good to see it when members of the faculty and staff can make it to a game. It means a lot to the kids and those who make an appearance at times I thank you. On the other side I have to wonder when students who are chatting about sports in a study hall are told by a superior they can talk about anything else except sports.

I am a proud alumnus of Keene Central. To all parties involved fix this. I do not support a sports merger.

Matt Dumas

KCS 1982

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