What about a wood boiler

To the Valley News:

Unfortunately, I am not very good about keeping up with school's budgeting process. Thank you to Mr. King for enlightening us.

I would have to agree with him on the generator. As for the library, I don't know enough to say.

My only thought is if we have extra money maybe we could look at alternative heat sources as we watch fuel oil creep towards $4 per gallon. There was an article In Jan. 20 Press Republican about Malone Middle School putting in a wood-pellet boiler and saving thousands of dollars on fuel oil cost They estimate that there $385,000 investment will pay for itself in 18 months.

An alternative heat source could also burn corn or grass pellets, all of which could be produced locally. This would help keep our school taxes in check and our money local. As for the tuition it is my understanding that parents out of district have been notified that they may soon have to start paying. It is also my understanding that these students help with our state aid.

Paul Stephens


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