Disagrees with editorial

Dear Editorial Staff:

While I can appreciate that you have taken a stand on the Horace Nye Nursing Home Sale, you have failed to address the following areas while doing so.

In your decision to take the conservative road you have disregarded the fact that for years the Supervisors chose to ignore the escalating costs since 2001, ignore the recommendations of a study they paid taxpayer money to get. and waited until the issue became so urgent, that they acted reactively instead of proactively and decided to sell their problem away. My conclusion from your editorial is that you have not looked into the future to determine the needs of the aging population in this County. But then I guess that a conservative Editorial Board such as yourselves is all about less government. Good for you that you have the income to support all your needs and your children or grandchildren don't need public education and you can afford private education, you have your computers and don't need libraries that receive government assistance, certainly don't need the Essex County Fair who receives County funding, you don't need public roads and highways, you attend church regularly and give such a healthy donation to do your Christian duty to take care of those in need if we were to go back to the church looking out for the needy and infirm instead of the government and taxpayers.

There is no doubt that the Horace Nye Home will be sold, but did you ask the Supervisors if they will put the money proceeds back into the reserve funds that keep dwindling or will they use it for upper management raises or pet projects or will they stick to their conservative action and begin looking at all the non-essential elements of county funded government?

Barbara Paye


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